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Two New Speaking Opportunities

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Posted on January 28, 2011 by Daria |

i'm honored to be selected to speak at cf.Objective() 2011!  I've heard of cfO for many years, but this will be my first time attending as well as speaking.  Can't wait for all the great sessions and awesome networking!  For all the details, visit the web site.  I hope to see you there!

cf.Objective() 2011

My second speaking engagement will be a preview of my cf.Objective() talk at my local Philadelphia ColdFusion Users Group on February 10th at 6pm.  Check out the details at phillycfug.org.

Simple MVC with FW/1

We hear a lot about Model View Controller (MVC) and how we should use it in our applications, but how do you apply this practically in your code?  Framework One provides a simple way to use MVC without overwhelming you with features you don't know how to implement.  This presentation will show how you can take your existing spaghetti code and turn it into a robust application.

This presentation will go over the basics of MVC and why FW/1 is the perfect solution for that.  I'll then provide demo code of converting a simple CRUD spaghetti app into FW/1.  No prior knowledge of MVC or object oriented concepts is required!


Confessions of a Self Professed Five Tagger

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Posted on January 26, 2011 by Daria |

I've had a long journey. I sustained a one woman consulting business for over 10 years (96-06) with my knowledge of ColdFusion. When I started I was innovative by bringing library skills into a corporate web competitive intelligence environment. I had a client that believed in me and sustained me, but in the end my application wasn't keeping up with the demands of the project and I was eventually phased out. It was only later that I realized I had become a dreaded five tagger.

So what, you ask, is a five tagger? It has come to be known in the ColdFusion community as a programmer that only uses five basic tags to get the job done. Those five tags are:


The problem is, most enterprise applications follow a complex set of business rules that govern how that application acts and behaves. More importantly those rules change and evolve with the needs of the business making maintainability more difficult the longer the application stays in use.

I resisted frameworks and object oriented thinking for 10 yrs because they only seemed to over complicate the things I was already doing. Unfortunately my projects crumpled under the burdens of performance and maintainability. What I've discovered in the use of design patterns, mainly object oriented design and MVC (model-view-controller), is a whole new world of productivity I never imagined.

I feel like I just wrote my manifesto.


BFusion Introduction to Caching Presentation

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Posted on September 11, 2010 by Daria |

Here are the slides from my Introduction to Caching presentation at BFusion.  The session files, both before and after being cached are available in a zip file.

[ Slides ] [ Code ]