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More FW/1 Resources

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Posted on March 4, 2011 by Daria

After presenting my ‘Simple MVC with FW/1’ to the CFMeetup yesterday, a new great presentation on Framework One was released by Nathan Dintenfass. Check it out! It is a great introduction to the features in FW/1 that I don’t get to in my beginner MVC presentation. Good next step for really making the framework work for you.

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Two New Speaking Opportunities

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Posted on January 28, 2011 by Daria

I’m honored to be selected to speak at cf.Objective() 2011! I’ve heard of cfO for many years, but this will be my first time attending as well as speaking. Can’t wait for all the great sessions and awesome networking! For all the details, visit the web site. I hope to see you there!

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Confessions of a Self Professed Five Tagger

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Posted on January 26, 2011 by Daria

I’ve had a long journey. I sustained a one woman consulting business for over 10 years (96-06) with my knowledge of ColdFusion. When I started I was innovative by bringing library skills into a corporate web competitive intelligence environment. I had a client that believed in me and sustained me, but in the end my application wasn’t keeping up with the demands of the project and I was eventually phased out. It was only later that I realized I had become a dreaded five tagger.

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Improving Page Load Performance

Tags | ColdFusion | Object Oriented (OO) | Structures

Posted on October 26, 2009 by Daria

From Scopes to Structures

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My Homework Told Me to Drink Beer: My Introduction to OO

Tags | Object Oriented (OO) | Unified Modeling Language (UML)

Posted on September 22, 2009 by Daria

Most of my object oriented (OO) knowledge up to this point has been purely theoretical. A few years ago I decided to go to grad school to get a double masters in Information Systems and Library Science. Unfortunately I haven’t completed it yet because I found a FT job, but I fully intend to complete my degree.

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Learning OO in ColdFusion

Tags | ColdFusion | Libraries | Object Oriented (OO)

Posted on September 20, 2009 by Daria

I’ve been coding in ColdFusion since 1996, since version 2. When I see the old yellow books i get nostalgic. 9tear: Co-workers encouraged me to start my own business in 1997 and I spent 10 years happy and content in my 5tagger universe.

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